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Impact Investment Funding Ltd., provides funding for global positive-impact projects that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Impact Investment Funding (IIF) knows first-hand the level of work which goes into building an organization, from day-to-day tasks to round-the-clock commitment. We also know what suits one project owner may not suit another as way of financing needs. We want the funds our clients are seeking access for, to make a difference for society all mankind, aiming to deliver a win-win for all parties in the transaction! There has never been a more opportune time than now for the impact investment transition. IIF facilitates new innovative financial structures which are urgently needed for the betterment of humanity!

Impact Investors

IIF believes funds should make an impactful difference, not just for project owners, but for investors, society, and the wider world at whole. The aim for strong de-risked financial returns adhering to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), along with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is what investors are requiring now. A noble effort from investors to put money at work within companies who strive to make the world a better place is certainly refreshing and encouraging to see. Project owners Incorporating ESG and SDGs standards in their company’s developments, enables socially and environmentally conscious investors to evaluate potential investments ensuring they only hold assets matching their convictions. IIF is strategically positioned to enable “match making” services for investors with project owners aligned to the above standards and principles.


Communities throughout the earth are facing unprecedented problems everywhere, poverty, environmental, inequality, disease, and lack of access to basic healthcare. These are just a few areas in need of investment and development – which can’t always be fulfilled and achieved by governments. This is why philanthropy is so vital, having the power to accelerate progress where it’s needed most, and support the causes which can fuel real change in the world. This benefits people, the planet, and society as a whole. Impact Investment Funding (IIF) are committing a significant proportion of company revenues into philanthropic foundations.


We aim to see our world changed for the good. Achieving SDGs will create a world which is more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous. In order to get there, investors need to adapt their strategies to deliver not only financial results, but also positive environmental, social and environmental outcomes.


Considering how a company performs as a steward of nature. Putting the planet before profit, and protecting the Environment for future generations.



Examining how one manages relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities where it operates. Displaying a social conscience and an awareness of other's needs.



How a company's leadership, deal with executive management salaries, audits, internal controls, and share-holder's rights. Putting people's well-being before profits.


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