Consultancy Service


  • Project Executive Summary Overview
  • TRL (Technology Readiness Level) and PRL (Project Readiness Level)


  • Outcome of evaluation discussed with project finance applicant
  • Terms and Conditions highlighted for the services that can be offered via IIF


  • Applicable funding model presented outlining the process, structure, and time-lines of the proposed financing facility
  • Indicative terms from a funder bespoke to the client’s needs which IIF will facilitate


  • Real time Excel simulation outlining all costs and stakeholders associated with the financing facility
  • Outcomes provided to project finance applicant to enable a decision


  • Consultancy Service Agreement (CSA) signed by project finance applicant 
  • Submission of Business Plan along with introduction to funder


Monitoring the finance sector for clients throughout our network to enable facilitation of favourable terms for funding is a core component of IIF’s Consultancy Services provision. We keep a close watch on current traditional lenders and newcomers in alternative finance, integrating private debt into various blends of funding is becoming more and more prevalent by the day. New innovative funding models are urgently needed so project owners can attain resources they need to get transactions closed. IIF has a keen eye on monitoring change and securing financing facilities for our clients.


Predicting potential obstacles which could hinder closure of funds for our clients is a key consideration for IIF. Having the ability to foresee any potential issues which may surface through the process is of paramount importance to IIF and will be outlined in the consultation process. Not just predicting those obstacles after our evaluation, but advising on how our clients can steer clear of them. We know exactly the criteria required from the funders we work with, and strategic planning is essential for any successful outcome through prediction of potential obstacles. Companies equipped with the most complete and accurate information have more chance of a successful application and IIF are meticulous to assist in this.


Gaining near real-time insights into potential operational disruptions throughout the onboarding process, and prioritizing mitigation and responsive efforts is critical, issues consisting of, interest rate rises, currency risk, and geo-political instability all need insight and evaluating. Through our network we have direct contact with active investors which avails us extra insight and thus in turn enables IIF the ability to identify any market instability which can hinder the progress of a transaction. Insider insight has many facets and is a valuable part of IIFs consultancy services model as it aids us quick identification for the right funders to fund our client’s projects. We always make sure to keep a high pace with insight throughout the full transaction.


Measuring, evaluating and then reporting to our clients on new funding initiatives, keeps them up to speed on new products or terms which may be applicable to their projects. Our extensive experience, strong knowledge of the investment community and ability to provide timely and accurate market intelligence, separates us from our competitors, additionally our personal, hands-on down to earth approach is invaluable as we look to articulate sometimes complex, sophisticated funding structures into easy-to-understand models. We measure, weigh, separate, and break into succinct, concise overviews. We spend the time to clearly explain the terms and conditions of the prospective financing facility on offer.


IIF provides open, honest, and transparent disclosure of all processes, stages, structures, stakeholders, and fees throughout the full process right from the outset. Guidance and support with clear communication for our clients is what is most important to us. The financing facilities we present to our clients are always proven and have had successful outcomes. This enables IIF to present our clients clear and well-defined deliverables. Entrepreneurs, Family Offices, Philanthropists, Public Charities, Private Foundations, Donor Advised Funds, Community Foundations, Financial Advisories, and Financial Institutions are all welcome to work with us.