Impact Investing


Impactful investments are becoming more and more critical to success for firms within the financial sector. Leading financial companies are taking a strategic, long-term approach to their ESG strategy, implementing changes on the way they do transactions as their markets adapt to new public sentiment. Stakeholders who support the sector, understandably want to know they are doing good in more than a purely financial sense. Investors are making investment decisions based on ESG performance, as this is what their stakeholders are demanding.


Mandatory ESG reporting requirements are under review in the UK, Europe and U.S., which would force all companies over a certain size to file an ESG report outlining their impact. Although this is not yet compulsory, many investment firms are already transitioning to become more sustainable by minimising their organisation’s impact on the environment and working towards Net Zero Climate Positive Targets and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Financial resources that can be provided securely, with as little bureaucracy as possible will be instrumental to enable meeting the UN 2030 Sustainability and NET ZERO Agenda. The IIF Platform has a suite of highly vetted, experienced, and industry leading financiers who have successfully delivered project financing at scale and are positioned to support our vision to work diligently towards the UN 2030 NET ZERO initiative.
In 2015, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were approved by 193 member countries in the United Nations (UN). The SDGs aim to end poverty, ensure human rights, fight social inequality, achieve gender equality, act against climate change and address other social, environmental, and economic challenges by 2030.